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This will always be my favorite picture.Her smile is so genuine and I can feel her from ten thousand miles away.She reminds me of you and how you used to look at me.

god this picture makes me happy

Ah it’s back on my dash. I can’t help from hitting reblog always

omg look how happy she is

That first comment is so real, it’s depressing. 

this is someone’s wedding picture and you ruined it bc you’re throwing a pity party like don’t pull a kanye this is a cute moment

As sad as I am, I can’t wait to be like this. They look so in love.
Fragmento de Unicuerpo, Eduardo Galeano
Parecía que estaban a punto de caerse, pero no: cuando ella tropezaba, la sostenía él; cuando el se tambaleaba, lo enderezaba ella. A dúo andaban, bien agarraditos el uno del otro, pegados el uno al otro en los vaivenes del mundo.

We can all relate 💜 on We Heart It.
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